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Bhavesh Rathod

Founder / Director / Web Designer

I'm from Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, as Rajnandgaon is a small city it was not known by many of the people earlier, as the time passed the city got into light, the things which gave Rajnandgaon a name in that one of the thing is Radio Ceylon (Binaca Geetmala, Aap Hi Ke Geet) Vividh Bharti Redio where many people sends their request to play their choice songs, where most of the songs are requested from Rajnandgaon and the person who sends request was Mr. Jeevram Rathod. I am his younger son Bhavesh, and I mummy-papa, bhav, bhai-bhabhi, didi and every person who is connected with my small family :-)

I was born on 27th June. Spended 17 years in my study, I had completed my post graduation in Commerce (M.Com). At that time I had my own old PC, in which I had loaded software of web designing and started working on it, without any help of others.

I succeeded in it and designed many websites, and still every day am learning something new without someone's help. I like long bike driving, web designing. net surfing, chatting & I love to be alone. I am very curious to know more about hacking...